It has been along time, waiting for the news that we can finally reopen our doors. Our official start date is MONDAY 3RD of AUGUST 2020, we can’t wait to see you all.

What happens now?

Lisa is busy working through all those appointments that were previously booked in before Lockdown happened. Once all of you with pre-existing appointments have been reallocated an appointment. Lisa will be working through the waiting list. So please, if your appointment doesn’t suit you, or you cannot do the particular, time/date or are away. Please use the link on the bottom of your new appointment to rebook yourself in asap.

Did you already have a pre booked appointment from the 1st of July with us and missed it due to COVID-19?
We will automatically be rescheduling you another appointment starting from Monday the 3rd of August.

What happens if you had a booked appointment from August?

We firstly have to give priority to our pre booked clients. Therefore, all clients that were booked in for July will move to August and August to September and so forth. 

Did you contact us during lockdown to go on our waiting list?
If you contacted us during lockdown, you will be allocated an appointment next. Once we have booked in all of our pre booked clients. We will be contacting you in order on a first come first serve bases working down our waiting list.

We have frozen your colour boost periods from when you first contacted us to book in. For example, if you wanted a 9-month colour boost and it was due in April when we were closed. We would honour this in August /September when we reopen as you would already be on our waiting list as priority.

What happens next?
All pre booked appointments ONLY will be reallocated by the 28th July. Please get in touch if you have not received your new appointment by the 28th July (not before that date). You will have up to the 2nd August to change this appointment online via your email link before Lisa starts to go through the waiting list.
From the 3rd August Lisa will then be allocating everyone an appointment that is on our waiting list who have contacted us during Lockdown. Again, please check your appointment asap and if it is not suitable, follow the link on your email to change your appointment.

From the 10th August, we will be opening up our online booking system (we closed this down during lockdown) to new clients and existing clients that want to book in for their colour boosts (likely to be from October)

We would like to remind you of some of the new changes to be Covid 19 secure and have attached the new procedures below. Please familiarise yourself with these before your appointment.

 All new clients and existing clients will be sent electronic revised medical and general consent forms. We are aiming to be paperless and contactless as possible to keep in line with government guidelines and Insurance recommendations. Please complete these as promptly as possible to allow us to check your forms in advance of your appointment.

You will all receive a Covid 19 questionnaire 5 working days before your appointment. Please complete and return this within 24 hours as it is time sensitive.

These forms will be sent via SMS, There will be a link which will take you to the timely booking system site. You will then be asked to put you mobile number in and a code will be sent to you to access the forms. I am afraid there are a few but it is necessary to be compliant with new recommendations.

We are all having to face change during this strange time, I hope you can all bear with us as I am sure there will be a few teething problems along the way whilst we get used to these new protocols and software systems.

It’s been a long wait to get back to work and we can’t wait to see all our lovely clients that have become friends along the way. It will be difficult not to welcome you all with a hug as you arrive but we will try to remember the social distancing rules!

Look forward to seeing you very soon

Faye, Laura and Lisa x