Meso Vytal Facial Treatment


Meso Vytal is digital skin needling using a special formulated needle head and synthesised hyaluronic acids. Using a similar application method to micropigmentation, Meso Vytal delivers skin cell boosting substances directly to mid levels of the skin, delivering one of three highly effective anti ageing formulas directly to the problem areas where they are needed most. The exact product will be decided during your initial assessment and consultation.

MESO Vytal Med, with hyaluron and peptides to reduce wrinkles and to stimulate collagen production. Contains peptides to achieve a lifting result and hexapeptides to interfere with the formation of wrinkles.

MESO Vytal Fresh, a sophisticated composition of vitamins, Q10 and amino acids supplies the skin with essential nutrients. This is suitable for young skin which would benefit from looking fresher.

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Treatments can be offered for: the face, the neck, decollette and hands. For the first 4 weeks it is recommended that the treatment is once every 5 days. Afterwards it should be carried out every month to maintain optimal results.

There is very little downtime with this treatment. You may look slightly red immediately after but this will quickly subside. The skin starts healing immediately and you could notice a difference after 1 treatment. If you have had your treatment more focused on wrinkles or small scars these may take a day to subside.

We now offer the new Luxury Facemasks, worth the upgrade when you hear what these can do for your skin. A real deluxe added ingredient and lovely way to complete your treatment!

A Multipeptide Revitalising Functionality Mask

Increases circulation helping to relax facial tension. Peptides have been shown to gently inhibit muscle contractions that form expression lines. In addition, they also contribute to the production of collagen, helping to maintain a more youthful appearance.

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