Well, here we are again. I hope you are all managing to keep safe and not too greatly affected by the current situation!

Sadly, we and many other industries are now closed as we go into the 3rd Lockdown. We have not had a definitive date of when we will be able to reopen. Like before, we will put all your appointments on hold rather than cancel them. This means that once we have a reopening date, we can reschedule your appointment. 

Unlike last time, we will NOT be closing our online booking system. we will NOT be operating a waiting list. If you haven’t booked an appointment and need to. Please continue to book your appointment online as usual during the months of the Lockdown period. If you are due your annual colour boost  or want to stay in a 9 month price period, you still need to book your appointment within the time scale as normal for the colour boost bracket you require to freeze and remain that price. 

Example: You are due your annual colour boost up to 15 months. you last saw us November 2019 and need to be in before the end of February 2021 to qualify for your 15 month price of £165. 

Please book an appointment for February even though we are closed as the price will freeze and you will get a priority rescheduled appointment when we reopen.

What if I didn’t book an appointment because I thought that lockdown was going to happen or it was going to be due when you were closed? 

Sadly we cannot freeze the price of a colour boost if a booking is or was not made. We make every effort to keep you informed of changes via our website, Facebook, Instagram and email during Lockdown periods.

If you have booked an appointment and paid a deposit online, your price will remain the same even if you go into the next colour boost stage of 18 months it will remain at 15 month price.

What if I am due a colour boost in April or June 2021, should I book in now?

If you haven’t booked an appointment and not due until April or June 2021 then you can continue to book in for April or June 2021 using our online booking system. 

If lockdown takes us up to April 2021, please bear in mind that we will have January, February and March bookings to get in first. You will not incur any additional charges if we have to move appointments to give priorities to those who have already missed their appointment due to lockdown.

Please can I also remind you that deposits are NON refundable, However, they will be transferable if you are unable to attend due to Covid Lockdown measures.  

On a brighter note, we are offering FREE Zoom/FaceTime consultations for those that are booked in for consultations and would like to see us sooner rather than later. Faye and Laura will be in touch during Lockdown to check in with you to see if you would like this as an option. 

Price list reminders and to book online… click on link below.


We will keep you updated on any changes via Mailchimp emails, Social media and the website. 

Take Care everyone and once again, Thank you for all your support, patience and understanding.

We look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Faye, Lisa and Laura xxx