Process of Treatment for Permanent Makeup

Individual Consultation

It is important that a full and comprehensive consultation takes place before the treatment commences. Consultation forms include general consent and medical information , to include any contra-indications which will be discussed to make sure it is safe to continue. Written consent from your GP be requested if you have any serious ailments.

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for permanent cosmetics and Faye will only carry out procedures when she is satisfied that any contra-indications do not affect the wellbeing of the client.

Whether you want treatments for your eyebrows, lips or eyes, or you are undecided, Faye offers you a complete and detailed consultation, exploring your potential and discussing your hopes and expectations. You will discuss with Faye which procedure(s) you would like and how you want the end result to look. The colour will be discussed and tried on your skin. If the treatment is an eyebrow or lip liner procedure, an outline will be drawn on, so you can see it in advance and give your approval. When you are confident of both the outline and the colour, the treatment can commence.


The treatment consists usually of two sessions – the initial application of your Permanent Make-up and a fine tune session within 3 months of your initial application. This fine tune session, which is included in the price, is used to perfect the work and make sure you’re completely happy with the end result.

Although the application of Permanent Make-up is not completely pain free, discomfort during your treatment can be kept to a minimum with the use of topical anaesthetic creams and gels.

For your treatment, the best machine currently on the market, NU. Machine is used.

This machine uses one-time use needle modules which are discarded after use, thus ensuring no cross-contamination. Faye’s work adheres to all strict hygiene requirements. The treatment takes approximately 2-2 1/2 hours including the consultation.


What shall I do before receiving permanent cosmetics?

Medical health form

Sensitivity test

Doctors consent form

General consent and procedure permit

Terms and conditions

After care for Permanent Cosmetic Enhancements