Process of Treatment for Permanent Makeup

Individual Consultation

It is important that a full and comprehensive consultation takes place before the treatment commences. Consultation forms include General consent and Procedure Medical health ,  to include any contra-indications which will be discussed to make sure it is safe to continue. Written consent from your GP be requested if you have any serious ailments. we have a Doctors concent form you can print or email to your Doctors Surgery. During your consultation you will given a Sensitvity test, this is to check that you are not sensitive to the pigment or anaesthetic used during your treatment.

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for permanent cosmetics and your PMU technician will only carry out procedures when they are satisfied that any contra-indications do not affect the wellbeing of the client.

Whether you want treatment for your eyebrows, lips, eyeliner, scalp or medical tatooing , we offer you a complete and detailed consultation, exploring your potential and discussing your hopes and expectations. You will discuss with your PMU technician which procedure(s) you would like and how you want the end result to look. The colour will be discussed and tried on your skin. If the treatment is an eyebrow or lip liner procedure, an outline will be drawn on, so you can see it in advance and give your approval. When you are confident of both the outline and the colour, the treatment can commence.


The treatment consists usually of two sessions – the initial application of your Permanent Make-up and a fine tune session within 3 months of your initial application. This fine tune session, which is included in the price, is used to perfect the work and make sure you’re completely happy with the end result.

Although the application of Permanent Make-up is not completely pain free, discomfort during your treatment can be kept to a minimum with the use of topical anaesthetic creams and gels. 

For your treatment, we will be using the best machines currently on the market.

Our machines use one-time use needle modules which are discarded after use, thus ensuring no cross-contamination. Our work adheres to all strict hygiene requirements. The treatment takes approximately 2-2 1/2 hours including the consultation.


Why do we need colour-boosts?

After your initial treatment and fine tune session, your Enhancement should last approximately 1-3 years. This largely depends on skin type, method/type of treatment you had, medication, environmental factors, such as, sun and lifestyle all influence how long colour will stay and ‘look good’ under your skin. Therefore, at some point you will need a colour-boost to maintain your enhancement.

We offer different time scales for colour-boosts to meet your needs. Some clients like a strongly defined dark brow for example and will want earlier and more regular colour-boosts, while others like a soft and more natural appearance and so may return once within 3 years.

What you NEED to know…

It is important to add that ‘too many’ colour-boosts (for example every 9 months) will build layer upon layer of colour over a period of time underneath your skin (even if not very visible to the eye on the surface). When this happens, hair- stokes eventually become blurred for those who opt for this brow method. The levels of saturated pigment underneath the skin do not allow room for more pigment to have space to settle, and hair-strokes are being layered over old colour that blends together under the skin during the healing process. At this point you need to allow fewer visits in-between colour-boosts or have some colour lifted to allow more in.

I have had long term clients say to me that after 7-10 sets of colour-boosts that their colour doesn’t seem to stay as long or as strong as it used to.

The reasons for this are most likely due to…

  • Skin aging over time-skin thinning less collagen
  • Body changes-pregnancy, menopause, hormonal changes
  • sun damage or developing skin complaints (rosacea, psoriasis)
  • Build-up of colour over many years of repetitive colour-boost too close together
  • Medication or operation, life style changes-more outside living-holidays in the sun

All of which have an impact on colour retention, fading, and how you heal.

Annual “colour boosts” 12-18 months, are the recommended time to have your brows refreshed and colour-boosted. This helps to maintain a fresh and defined appearance to your enhancement without overloading your skin with too much pigment over time.

The colour Boosts that we offer here at FM Permanent Cosmetics Ltd are as follows:

  • 12 -18 MONTHS (This is the recommended “annual” Colour boost)
  • 19 – 24 MONTHS
  • 25 – 36 MONTHS

Our online booking system is set up to notify you ‘annually’ for your recommended colour-boost. This goes out at the beginning of the 12 months from your last treatment, allowing up to 6 months to find an appointment that suits your schedule.

Please make sure when wishing to book your appointment that you look at least 3-4 months in advance and don’t leave it to the last minute. There is normally a 3/4 month waiting list!

We have decided to discontinue the 9 month colourboost period. Due to several factors:

Many of our clients come in for a 9 month and 12 month colourboost but still have a good amount of colour left in the skin. Further treatment would not be beneficial and sometimes not make a huge difference as there is very little room left in the skin to except new pigment.  However, we know that some skin types lose colour quicker than others. If you feel this is the case for you, please book in for a free video or Face to face consultation ( a minimum of 2 months in advance of the 9 month point to ensure you are booked in within 9 months from your last session) with your chosen pmu technician.
We can assess how much colour remains in the skin and if you would benefit from an earlier appointment.

If you have your annual reminder but are unsure if you need a colour boost please contact us rather than booking an appointment as we don’t want you to have a wasted journey.

However, if you require an earlier appointment such as an ‘up to 9 months’ colour boost kindly make sure you make a note in your diary 2-3 months in advance of the 9-month colour-boost period. If you are late booking and no appointments are available, you will automatically go into the next colour- boost bracket. In the unfortunate event you need to cancel at short notice, and we cannot find you another appointment within the 9-month time period, again you will go into the next colour boost period.

Finally, we cannot stress enough how important it is to wear SPF FACTOR 50 on your enhancement. The sun is the biggest fader of colour. The more you look after your enhancement by following the strict AFTERCARE advise the better/longer lasting your results will be!

IMPORTANT…..Please read the forms below before booking an appointment with FM Permanent Cosmetics Ltd

Pre Procedure Care for  Permanent Cosmetic Enhancement

Medical health form

General Consent and Procedure form

Post Procedure care for Permanent Cosmetic Enhancements

Terms and Conditions

Once you have booked your appointment via our online booking system, you will be emailed these forms to be completed online. They will then be automatically attached to your “Client profile” ready for your PMU Technician to view before your appointment. Please make sure you complete the forms as soon as you recieve them to avoid any delays or disappointment on your treamtment day.

To book your appointment online please visit the Price List page, where you will find the “Book Now” button this will then give you step by step instructions on how to book your appointment.