How long does it last?

You should consider the treatment permanent as the pigment will always remain in the upper layer of the dermis. Over time the colour will fade; this depends on your age, skin type and colour of the pigments used. It is recommended that you have an annual colour boost to keep the treated area looking fresh.

Does it hurt?

Anaesthetic is always applied to prevent any discomfort, along with skin stretching techniques and a machine that is state of the art. Discomfort is minimal. Eyebrow contouring has been likened to having your eyebrows plucked by some clients. Some clients have even fallen asleep during the treatment!

Will it look natural?

The treatment can be made to look natural or more can be added for a more dramatic effect. During the consultation this will be discussed. The aim of the treatment is to emphasise your features the way you want them defined.

What is the recovery time?

The healing time is usually between 7 to 10 days. For the first couple of days the area that was treated may appear a little swollen and the pigment darker than the desired result, however, this is temporary. As the colour goes through the healing process it fades. During the healing process the area will become dry and flaky, and become more natural looking.

Do all my brow hair’s need to be removed?

NO.. Please do not pluck away your brows, I will work with your natural brow hairs as this lends for a more natural brow. Some hairs may need to be removed if it has a negative effect to the shape when trying to created symmetry. Quite often one brow can be higher than another or different shapes either side of the face. I work towards creating symmetry to the brows and the face as a whole. You need to think of brows like ‘sisters’ not ‘twins’. If you were to put a mirror down the centre of your face, it would not be the same either side. That’s because our faces are not symmetrical. The art in creating beautiful brows is working with your natural features and what suits your face shape.

Is there a chance of an infection or allergic reaction?

The machine is covered in protective disposable tape and then sterile solution used in between clients to clean the machine to Uk standards. Sterile needles are used for each procedure then disposed of immediately. Trays, pigments, PPE is all disposed of after each client. As with any treatment there is always a risk of allergic reaction, however, this is extremely rare as all the pigment is hypoallergenic. A patch test is carried out before new treatments and a medical questionnaire is filled out before any treatment to cut out the possibility of a reaction. After care advice will be given verbally and written so any questions can be asked before you leave. Aftercare should be followed for successful results. Any one undergoing a lip procedure that suffers with cold sores should ask their doctor for Zovirax tablets. These should be taken 5 days before the treatment to prevent a break out.

Can I still wear normal make up?

Wearing conventional make up is personal choice. While permanent makeup will enhance your natural features, conventional makeup can be worn if you want to ‘glam’ up for an evening or have a heavier day look. Conventional makeup can be worn over the top of the treated area once the area is healed. After an Eyeliner treatment it is recommended to buy a new mascara. If you feel the need to wear foundation during the healing process then I would only recommend natural mineral makeup as this is kind to your skin.