Merry Christmas With christmas just around the corner we wanted to take this opportunity to wish Everyone a VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

It has been a very strange couple of years since Covid arrived on our doorsteps! This has unfortunately had a lasting affect on many peoples lives and sadly impacted on many small (and large) businesses. Due to the Pandemic it has meant that all of our PPE has increased in price & shipping costs, etc. I have not put my prices up for over 5 years, however, I must except that prices of products, materials, rent and equipment have and I need to reflect this in our prices. Please see the new pricelist below.

January 2022 New Pricelist

Why are the prices different for each PMU technician?

Faye is the Director and founder of FM Permanent Cosmetics Ltd. Faye is an advanced practitioner and trainer with over 10 years experience in PMU. Her prices reflect her knowledge expertise and skill set she has developed and fine tuned over the years.

Laura is now an advanced practitioner after completing further training with Faye on advanced techniques and developed her artistic flare. Lauras prices reflect her skill set and expertise as most artists at her level.

Kimberley is new to our team, however, not so new to PMU. Kimberley originally trained as a Microblading artist with Faye 3 years ago and has now undertaken further training with Faye in Machine method brows; building on her skills and developing her style. 

A change to Colour boost brackets 

why are colour boost brackets changing?

 We have decided to discontinue the 9 month colourboost period. Due to several factors:

Many of our clients come in for a 9 month and 12 month colourboost but still have a good amount of colour left in the skin. Further treatment would not be beneficial and sometimes not make a huge difference as there is very little room left in the skin to except new pigment.  However, we know that some skin types lose colour quicker than others. If you feel this is the case for you, please book in for a free video or Face to face consultation ( a minimum of 2 months in advance of the 9 month point to ensure you are booked in within 9 months from your last session) with your chosen pmu technician.

We can assess how much colour remains in the skin and if you would benefit from an earlier appointment. Or if you have your annual reminder but are unsure if you need a colour boost please contact us rather than booking an appointment as we don’t want you to have a wasted journey.

We have decided to INCREASE our annual colourboost time scale from 12-15 months to 12-18 months giving you an extra months to allow you plenty of time to book your appointment. You will still receive an annual reminder at the 12 months point ( remember Faye can be booked up to 4-5 months in advance).

Faye’s client list has grown considerably and is busy with meeting the needs of her established clients; making sure she has availability to carry out those all important colourboosts! For this reason Faye will not be taking on any new clients that have not already booked an appointment with her from January 2022. Faye will review and revisit this policy in 6 months time. Existing clients of Fayes can still book an additional treatment such as Eyeliner or Lips when they are having their brow colourboost. Faye is happy to carry out these treatments.

The importance of forms being filled in before your appointment

 We are aiming to be paperless and contactless as much as possible to keep in line with government guidelines and Insurance recommendations.

Please make sure you complete the forms as promptly as possible to allow us to check your forms in advance of your appointment. There are 5 forms to be filled in before your first treatment with FM Permanent Cosmetics LTD. 

and 4 forms to be filled in for a colour boost appointment. 

These forms are important as they flag up changes in your medical history or medication which can cause problems during your treatment. If you are experiencing problems please don’t hesitate to call Lisa on 07799145022 and she will be able to assist you

Thank you so much, we feel so truly honoured to have had so many lovely five star reviews!

Reminder of the Two week gap either side of your appointment with FM Permanent Cosmetics Ltd.

We are recommending that you have two weeks gap between having your treatment with us if you have had a Covid vaccination. This is just a precaution as some people have had side-effects from the vaccination. Please let us know ASAP if You are due your vaccination within two weeks of your appointment So that we can rearrange your appointment.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone, Keep safe
Faye, Lisa, Laura and Kimberley