Welcome Back Everyone, it’s so lovely to be open and back in business

Welcome to all new clients who have recently joined us and to our lovely loyal clients that we see every year for your annual colour boost‘s or when you come in for that little extra treatment! 
As we have had a lot of lovely new clients join us we felt we would reach out and just let you know a little bit more about what we do at FM Permanent Cosmetics Ltd.

Each month we write a newsletter, this can be to inform you of any important updates or let you know of any special offers or promotions that are coming up.
Things you might not know about us?

We run a friend referral scheme, where you and your friend get discounted treatments. A friend referral card can be found in your aftercare packs, which you receive at the end of your appointment. If you need more just ring us the more friends you refer the bigger the discounts.

We also do a client referral scheme. For any new or existing clients that are beauty, hair and/or aesthetics or have their own business. If you would like to join our client referral scheme, please get in touch and we will give you further information. There are big discounts for yourself and Your clients! 
Faye and Laura also run a FREE breast clinic once a month for those who have suffered breast cancer and are in need of Areola restoration. Further information can be found on the website.
We are very honoured to have had so many lovely five star reviews!New and existing clients that have been kind enough to spend the time writing a review on our Facebook or Google page, we will be putting all your names on a list every year to be in for a chance of winning a free colour boost or half price new treatment!!! We will do the draw at Christmas . If you have already written a review and would like to leave another, after a future visit there, is no limit to how many reviews you can write and the more reviews the more chances of winning.
Facebook review
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Faye is the director of FM permanent cosmetics Ltd and started the business back in 2012. Faye has a wealth of experience in the PMU field and is a trainer and assessor for permanent cosmetics

Laura Clark ( of Laura Clark Permanent Cosmetics) joined the company in 2019 and has been trained by Faye in permanent cosmetics and advanced procedures.
Laura of LC permanent cosmetics is self employed and therefor it’s important to add, that deposits for treatments are non transferable between practitioners. Further information about the team can be read on our website.

Important Information Now

Due to lockdown we are extremely busy at the moment which is fantastic. However, this means that spaces are now limited up until July. It is really important for those of you that have had your appointments slots for your fine-tune treatments or colour boosts to attend your appointments. When we reopened we held back spaces to allow movement for change if the appointments were not suitable. These have now all been filled, so any changes in appointments are very difficult to get in before July. We have tried to keep your colourboost and fine tune treatments frozen so you don’t incur additional charges for going over your colour boosts. We all couldn’t prevent the pandemic and lockdown happening. However, If you wish to change your appointment to a future date at this stage (with the exception to vaccination appointments) and fall into the next price bracket, unfortunately we cannot continue to freeze colour boosts and fine-tune treatments and will be charged the rate it falls into.

We are recommending that you have two weeks gap between having your treatment with us if you have had a Covid vaccination. This is just a precaution as some people have had side-effects from the vaccination. Please let us know ASAP if You are due your vaccination within two weeks of your appointment So that we can rearrange your appointment.
Have a lovely weekend everyone, Keep safe 
Faye, Lisa and Laura xxxxx